This section shows the Courses Fabio offers.
The courses are very pragmatic. They can help with your Soul mission and solve practical, mundane issues.

These teachings will improve your happiness, well-being, peace, and abundance.
You can apply most of the techniques you will learn to others, having "clients", if you want.
All these courses are online, live, and hands-on.


The "How to Meditate and work your Energies" class is a set of essential practices to live better. It is a wonderful way of developing an inner practice routine. And this inner practice is becoming vital to our health and realization nowadays. The classes happen once per week. Novice and seasoned practitioners will enjoy and find them useful. The techniques practised can change your life from the first week on. There is no need to invest years to see the results; no need for prior experience.


The "12 Archangels University in Portuguese" is a complete system of Esoteric training. It will skyrocket your intuitive abilities and manifestation power. You will understand and experience the "reality" behind what we call "reality". You will learn how to work with energies connected to Undiluted Love. This will make your intuition increase and your psychic abilities develop. Your awareness of your Higher Self messages will improve. And you will better perceive the Nature Spirits and energies around you. I teach this course in Portuguese. You can also have it in English with Belinda Womack and in Spanish with Mayte Abad. See the details in the full description.


In the "MDT - Multidimensional Technique Course", you will receive a "Spiritual Healing Team". This team will work with one of your multidimensional bodies to solve issues. It is a fantastic technique that was available only in Portuguese. You can apply this technique to yourself or others. You can use this technique on all kinds of practical and spiritual issues.


"Channelling Course": most people heard about channelling nowadays. With this course, you will understand better the variations of it. You will learn a set of safe (this is a keyword in channelling) and tried (validated by me) techniques. With this teaching, everyone can and will channel and have a hint and guidance about "the other side of the veil". You will also receive some initiations to help the channelling process.


If you are still unsure about which course to choose, don't hesitate to contact us.

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12 Archangels University in Portuguese

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12 Archangels University in Portuguese


   The 12 Archangels University (12AU) is an esoteric training and life improvement system.

Belinda Womack channelled and teach it in English.


   In 2021 the 12 Archangels, through Belinda, asked me to teach it in Portuguese.

   The content is not the same as the 12 AU in English, but it keeps the connection with Undiluted Love as the original.


The classes open the creative-intuitive-spiritual hemisphere of the brain.

This awakens the knowledge that lives within us.

You will develop your own access to the Truth at the highest vibration.


   The content of the classes is composed of esoteric/energy tools, such as:

  • Grounding and protection.
  • Visualisation.
  • Connection with specific energies.
  • Manifestation.
  • Healing.
  • Etc.


You will have access to a live esoteric training system taught by someone that practices it.

The Ascended Masters and 12 Archangels are the designers of the teachings.


You will develop your own power to affect your reality. Your life will become easier.

You will experience synchronicities and more health, wealth, purpose and peace.

This is the real magic. Life without dependence on external authorities.


You will be able to produce changes in your Life since the first class!

No need to wait and train for years to see a result!


   Part of the classes uses the imagery of the Tarot (from the “Universal Waite Tarot” deck*).

   These images help deep healing and transformation due to their symbolism.

   The 12AU is not a Tarot reading course. But you will develop so much intuition that after some time, you will be able to “read” it.


 * You don’t need the “Universal Waite Tarot” deck to begin with the 12 AU in Pt. But you will want to buy one to follow some techniques soon. You can buy it in several places, such as bookstores, aliexpress, amazon, etc.


   What are the main advantages or takeaways from the 12AU?

  • You will do the techniques with me, live, during the classes. It is a fantastic opportunity to study with someone that mastered the techniques.
  • You will get answers to your esoteric questions. Via my knowledge or channelling the 12 Archangels and Ascended Masters. This is not something easy to find, even more in Portuguese.
  • You will have access to me by email to ask questions about the classes and techniques. Again, uncommon in Portuguese.


   How long a class like that takes?

  • These live classes take between 45 min and 1 hour or more (the Masters in Heaven establish the duration).


   How should I prepare for this session?

  • You don’t need special preparation.
  • A place where you can close your eyes, follow my guidance, and stay quiet for the time of the class is important.


   The classes are done live, online, recorded and made available to the students.

   The language used is Portuguese.


   The classes happen monthly, on the second Saturday of each month, at 14h CET or 10h Brazilian time. 

   This time can change based on things such as summer-time changes and special dates.

   If you can't attend the live session, you can check the recording afterwards at your leisure.


   Between the monthly classes, it is important that you practice what you learned in class.  

   This is important to allow the knowledge and energies to integrate.

   And to allow you to start feeling the results.


   The cost of these classes is EUR 33 per month, paid by subscription (you can cancel it anytime).


Be ready to improve your Life through Real Magic!

Don't postpone your happiness and realization!

Take action and enrol today!


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MDT - Multidimensional Technique Course

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MDT - Multidimensional Technique Course


MDT is an energy healing technique focused on the Heart Chakra.

It can solve or ease many issues in several aspects of your Life (mundane or spiritual issues).


It is a very gentle and efficient technique.

And you will learn everything you need to apply it to yourself and others.


You will receive several initiations on this teaching.

You will also have a "Team of Helpers" assigned to you.

It is this Team of Helpers, and one of your multidimensional bodies that actually do the healing.


After the course, if you want, you can start charging for TMD sessions.


   If you want to see more details of how a session looks like, click here.


   How long is the course?

  • It usually takes 2 days and at least 12h of teaching.


   How should I prepare for this course?

  • No specific preparation is needed.


   This course is done online, live, via Zoom.


   The cost of the TMD Course is EUR 444.


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Channelling Course

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Channelling Course


This is a Course teaching you how to channel.

   Everybody can channel, and this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to do that.


   There are many channelling techniques, and we will explore some of them.

The techniques I chose are the ones I found more efficient and easy to practice.

The important point is that I validated all these techniques. And everybody can channel using them.

Besides the techniques, you will receive initiations that will make channelling easier.


   How long is the channelling course?

  • It takes 2 days to learn and experience the techniques and receive the initiations.


   How should I prepare for this course?

  • No specific preparation is needed.


   This course is done online, live, via Zoom.


   The cost of the Channelling Course is EUR 333.


So, if you have ever wondered about channelling, now is your chance to learn how to do it yourself.

Take action and sign up.


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How to Meditate and work your Energies.

Come to practice with me.

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Online live group classes on how to Meditate and work your Energies. Come to practice with us.


   We can read a lot about Meditation and Energy Techniques.

   Plenty of material is available on Instagram, YouTube and other social networks.


   Still, for most people, there is a gap between having access to this info and developing a practice.

   It is not easy, indeed! There are a lot of techniques, and it is difficult to integrate them into a synergetic practice. Sometimes we can even come up with conflicting practices.


   So, to guide you in a synergic and efficient routine of practice is the main goal of these classes.


   We will sit to meditate together once per week, and you will feel the improvements in your life right away.

   It doesn't matter if you have no previous experience or if you are very experient.

   All of you will feel practical improvements that will increase with time.

   Among those, your intuition and contact with your Higher Self will skyrocket.

   Stress will decrease, and your performance in all aspects of Life will increase.

   Your mental and physical health will feel the effects from the very first week.


   How long a class like that takes?

  • It takes between 30min and 1h.
  • If time allows, besides the meditation itself, there will be moments for Q&A, sharing, etc.


   What will be the frequency of the classes?

  • The classes will happen weekly, each Saturday at 5 pm CET (Central European Time).


   How should I prepare for this class?

  • You don't need special preparation.
  • A place where you can close your eyes, follow my guidance, and stay quiet for the time of the class is important.


   This class is online, live, and in English (click here for classes in Portuguese).

   The cost of those classes is EUR 11 per class.


   It is a luxury that you can give yourself.

   To stop your routine at least once per week and refresh and recharge yourself in the present moment.

So, come to feel your Inner Self and recover the awareness of your essence.

It is a small token of appreciation you can give yourself weekly.


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     "My sessions with Fabio were very helpful. 

     I went to him in a couple of moments when big decisions in my life needed to be taken.


     The first time it was more focused in personal and family issues, and the session allowed me to feel and understand what was going on and how I could change it to live it the way I wanted (happier and more expansively). 

     The second time I was in need of professional clarity. I entered with uncertainty and came out with security. It was a swift in my vibration, and it helped me to see a broader picture, as well as gave me the patience, confidence and security to wait for the pieces I was missing. Then, things fell in their place naturally, but my vibration was changed in the session, so the "waiting time" was a serene experience. 

I deeply thank you, Fabio, for everything you facilitate for me."

Laura T. Lopez


Barcelona - Spain

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