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Living by the Heart

You can live a Happier, Wealthier, Healthier, Abundant and Purposeful Life.

It’s your birthright to grow and reach your creative potential!


Learn how to get out of the “hamster wheel” and rediscover purpose and meaning!

Fulfil your Life mission! It’s never too late to be the person you’ve always wanted to be.


You are worthy! You’re worth more than you ever dreamed you’d be.

You deserve happiness, joy, laughter, passion, confidence, and abundance.


Receive support from 12 Archangels, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters and Helpers in Heaven!


We (Marcia and Fabio) can help you achieve all that. It is easier than you imagine.


On these pages, you’ll find life-changing techniques and courses Fabio offers.

By clicking on HEART2HEART, you will find Marcia’s.


Let us help you in your Life journey.

Ask your Inner Child if this is your way!

Contact us or continue exploring to know more.


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What is Living by the Heart?

Living By The Heart is a place where you can experience the power of your mind, Heart and Soul.

And manifest your dreams and desires into reality.


A safe space for you to learn how to become aware of your personal life purpose and develop your intuition.

This allows you to create the life you want.


Your Heart Chakra is a Limitless reservoir of Energy.

You can tap into this Limitless Potential to shift our reality.

That way, you can make the Magic happens in your life.


You can discover things about you and the Universe that you never wondered about; and you can answer, by experience, the classic life questions:

     - Who am I?

     - What am I doing here (in this life)?

     - To where I will go when I die?


Are you ready to live an authentic life?

Would you like to know your true purpose and destiny?

Are you ready to find the life that was meant for you?

Come contact us, and we can guide you to make this happen.




We offer very pragmatic techniques and courses.

Those techniques provide solutions and answers for your practical problems and spiritual questions.

In "Receive", you will find details of the techniques, including how to book a session.

In "Learn", you can see the courses where we teach those techniques.

At the beginning of these pages, there are tips on how to choose a session or course suitable for your Life moment. 

But you can always contact us about that, or browse and see which ones attract your Heart.

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Our sessions' techniques can help with physical, emotional and spiritual questions.


Quick and excellent practical results may happen when you attend a session.


You don't need any previous knowledge or belief system to receive the benefits.

Most of the sessions are online.


Book a session for yourself or someone you Love, and give the gift of a happier and more fulfilling life.


There is no better expression of Love!


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All courses we teach have practical tools you can apply to yourself or others.


They always focus on the practical improvement of your daily Life.


We believe that our Spiritual and mundane Lives aren't disconnected. And both should improve at the same time.


Practising the techniques we teach will help you live more fulfilling and happier. Life will become easier, and you will experience less lack of anything your Soul long for.


Don't postpone your Soul mission!


Join our Courses today and start experiencing greater peace and happiness.

And, if this is your calling, the joy of helping others.

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Blog & Messages


In our Blog, you will find knowledge, announcements, and spiritual messages.
It is a Blog connected to Heart energy.

You can also access Marcia's YouTube channel. In it, you will find the messages and meditations channelled by her.

The best way to stay up to date with our events and promotions is to sign up for our free Newsletter.

This Newsletter is full of Enlightening content, messages and practical tools.

So, don't wait a moment longer to connect with those transformational teachings.

Get connected with them today!

Soul Reading using the Tarot


Through this technique, I will connect with a part of your Soul via the Tarot imagery and answer the questions you have.

You can bring a list of questions concerning different dimensions of your Life.

Your Soul will answer what would be the best next step for each question you have. 

This is not "fortune telling"; it is a way to receive guidance from your Soul on the burning questions of your Life.

People usually get impressed by the precision of this technique.

MDT - Multidimensional Technique


Multidimensional Technique, MDT, is an energy healing technique focused on the Heart Chakra that can be used to solve or alleviate a multitude of issues in several dimensions.

This technique can address issues from your mundane life or spiritual questions.


This technique can be applied online, and you don't need to do anything; I do everything, and you only need to relax while I work.


     "My sessions with Fabio were very helpful. 

     I went to him in a couple of moments when big decisions in my life needed to be taken.


     The first time it was more focused in personal and family issues, and the session allowed me to feel and understand what was going on and how I could change it to live it the way I wanted (happier and more expansively). 

     The second time I was in need of professional clarity. I entered with uncertainty and came out with security. It was a swift in my vibration, and it helped me to see a broader picture, as well as gave me the patience, confidence and security to wait for the pieces I was missing. Then, things fell in their place naturally, but my vibration was changed in the session, so the "waiting time" was a serene experience. 

I deeply thank you, Fabio, for everything you facilitate for me."

Laura T. Lopez


Barcelona - Spain

Bee in flower - Testimonial Laura

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