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Living by the Heart

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From my Heart to your Heart


     "My sessions with Fabio were very helpful. 

     I went to him in a couple of moments when big decisions in my life needed to be taken.


     The first time it was more focused in personal and family issues, and the session allowed me to feel and understand what was going on and how I could change it to live it the way I wanted (happier and more expansively). 

     The second time I was in need of professional clarity. I entered with uncertainty and came out with security. It was a swift in my vibration, and it helped me to see a broader picture, as well as gave me the patience, confidence and security to wait for the pieces I was missing. Then, things fell in their place naturally, but my vibration was changed in the session, so the "waiting time" was a serene experience. 

I deeply thank you, Fabio, for everything you facilitate for me."

Laura T. Lopez


Barcelona - Spain

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     "Marcia is very gifted and talented.

     Through her reading I understood better the blockages that limit the flow of more joy and abundance in my life.

     I gained knowledge, confidence and practical advice to overcome those blockages.

     She is accurate and perceived even details about particular dynamics in my relationships.

     She gave me advice and clarity from my angels and guides, which was exactly what I needed to make a step forward.


     I really recommend to have a session with Marcia because not only you will be helped but you will feel uplifted in your vibration during the session and after that and hopeful as Marcia is a fountain of joy herself!


Thank you Marcia!"

Karolina Efthymia



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